Monel, what's you think?I don't have a wife too? For your...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 31 2011, 1:02 PM

Monel, what's you think?I don't have a wife too?

For your info, i have a beauty in my hands too.
Keep my trucks out of this.
I keep telling you my trucks are okay maybe they will start with minor problems in 8 to 10 years, by than i will transport bananas, coffees,limes, oranges,Jatropha, because i am trying to take the limes business away from the Dominicans, because my projects for the coming seasons its to plant limes like a crazy mad man.
Don't you tired eating meat that was wash with imported lime from DR?

This is a shame, even lousy lime we have to import.

Monel don't waste your time if you can invest in farming, it's very easy to do.
I know you are a Haitian philosopher, therefore farming is not the way to go.
But Haitians always forget agriculture is a part of economic power.

The world run on food first, power is second.

Think about that, punk.

Get you some farmland if you don't have any yet.

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Jean Pierre Alexandria,I don't know who you gave me...

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