Marjorie, the fact i see my name in your message i had to read...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 28 2011, 9:12 AM

Marjorie, the fact i see my name in your message i had to read it.
Because i never intersted in your posting since years back after i noticed your are fake"make believe type of a person",your always sound like a old cow".

therefore, i never feel any interest to read your postings, it's look like while you are eating your hay and silace witch the farmer forget to add alfafa you write in the same time.
Please, don't read my posting anymore you don't have to read them, beside i am not here for you.
I am too busy for you.
I will milk you when i have extra time, not today, not tomorrow maybe when i am retired.

You will wait for a long time, please don't wait for me to milk you.

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Jean Pierre, I was born the year Papa Doc died and...

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