Duvalierist don't have any color now.I consider the...

Monel - December 28 2011, 1:36 AM

Duvalierist don't have any color now.I consider the Duvalierist like past participle.

we are already in your graves.

l heard you're talking about special list at the airport, you crazy bro.who's gonna authorized you to get that list tonton Sam or martely.

I don't think the last one has enough power to do that .we are back to power! Are you dream my body?

Be serious, if by accident humanity (the nature) had a power, you think it's gonna throw this power away in an any cabbage's can.and then you gonna have soon your own military for revenge.

Pou ou menm, ou panse ti res duvalierist deplimen, san Dan nan djol ka tire revanch.nou pap menm Gen che sou po nou.epi tank nou san won't, nan ki pouvwa nou tounen an.yon pouvwa se Josef lanbe ansyen tchioul preval ka di martely sa pou-l fe.we are back! Ti papa al chache kote'ou mete ko-w grate santi tande.

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You are a forrkking liar. If your father was A...

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Monel, mwen vle fe wou konnen ke nou Duvalieristes...

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