Jean Pierre, I was born the year Papa Doc died and grew up...

Marjorie Middy - December 27 2011, 9:15 PM

Jean Pierre, I was born the year Papa Doc died and grew up mostly under the Jean Claude Aministration.

My father was a die hard pro-Duvalierist Haitian who did quite well under the Duvaliers Regimes.

(Milice Midi).

They (Duvaliers) could not do anything wrong in my father's eyes. I grew up, have moved away to France for furthering my education.

I learned to think on my own. I am glad I did. I moved away so that I can study my Country from afar and with objectivity.

I know that Haiti is always looking for a father figure to governm it, but brother you take your allegiance a little bit too far. Duvaliers'Regimes were flawed and riddled with human rights violations and that is not to mention outright embezzlement from Jean Claude Himself."Remets a Cezare ce qui est a Cezare".

Agent-X is definitely right in criticizing their administrations.

What will you charge me with, Alexandre?

I am not the "Mulatto Elites" that you like to despise, on this blog, anyway.

My family is one among the DARKEST there is in Haiti.But yet we don't pretend to be better than others because of the color of our skin. We are better because we can see things clearer.

We are able to separate the sense from the nonsense.

Above all, we are able to utilize hotheads like you to benefit us...Don't make all of us look bad and stupid, please.

Get some analytical skills and social savoir-faire.

You are too rough on the edges even for a fan of the Duvalier's. We have enough of your sexual escapades, please keep those to yourself, it is somewhat unbecoming.

Perhaps, you should move to the DR. You sound as uncivilized and savage just like they are. You would get along well with them. You know birds of the same feathers

etc, etc.
Skin color does not make you. The content of your character DOES.
BLACK is beautiful, there will not be any arguments from me here.

Response to:

Mona,Monel. I guess you guys are twins,or two names...

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