It's the first time I agree with you, they supposed to remove...

Monel - December 26 2011, 8:40 PM

It's the first time I agree with you, they supposed to remove his f..k..head off from his shoulders, because I remember when ROSELYNE LINDOR were killed in DR, they didn't make any follow-up for LINDOR's family to get justice.

But, you have tobe careful, when you travel with your stinky's truck to make land product's delivery overthere, your skeletons don't stay one foot underneath
tthat's mean "ou menm se grate yap grate te-a mete-ou kom indijan san fanmi".

They did that for Daniel Supplice, They could do that for you too, because you and Daniel Supplice lay down in the same bed. Aysyen pa san wont, se ou kom chen, gwo kochon ki bliye kote-w soti, kap pran poz ti blan meriken nwe tankou chabon ki san wont.

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He is lucky they did not remove his head from his...

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