In my opinion, Fortunately! As the NEW President of our...

Daphnie Saint-preux - December 26 2011, 11:13 AM

In my opinion, Fortunately! As the NEW President of our beloved country, it is in his best interest, as well as the citizens, to serve them NOT to entertain them. The President should focus all his resources, energy and time on rebuilding and reconstructing HAITI.

He is now President Martelly not Sweet Micky.

Rarely do you hear or see a leader of a country jumping on stage performing in a manner that he has in the past. If you want to be an entertainer do that but you're the President now, act like it. Get serious so that the rest of the world will take Haiti serious.

Of course we all Love Sweet Micky but I love Haiti more and want President Martelly to love it more than he loves his music career.

Thank you President Martelly for cancelling it. Find other popular artists to come together and put on a show. Sit back as the President and focus on making Haiti great again.

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