Jean-Pierre Alexandraaa, you ask me to take vacation to...

Monel - December 23 2011, 11:05 PM

Jean-Pierre Alexandraaa, you ask me to take vacation to meditate about my future;if I do that the bloggers gonna be suffered too much."Mpap kitel pou-ou Listen bro!it's not my job to go down there to prosecute your F..idol dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier "baby Dogggg".

All human's right organization, local or international with the haitain people who were victimed by that criminal regime are already brought their complaints up.Now this the haitian justice to follow-up that worth Dictator.

Bro !you think Jean-Claude Duvalier gonna be out in this case;I'm sorry for you.Even though he supports by Martely gouvernment, this f...k...dictator gonna be in trial anyway, otherwise gonna take his place in loosing the power.Period! Mwen tande-w di sak fe-m pa desann anba al pesekite Jan-clod, pou-m ta we konbyen grenn mayi ki tap tonbe nan lestomak mwen. ou di-m lavalas sal.en bin ti mal ou tronpe-ou!Ou konnen nan lavalas la se sa nou pa manke, nou pa raze pou grenn mayi. Timal le-m desann haiti se grenn mayi selman ki antoure-m kote-m pase wi bro. Epi timal nou pase lapli grenn mayi Michel Francois, ToTo Constant elatriye yo pa tonbe nan lestomak mwen, se pa ti grenn mayi TI SIMONE madigra mal maske pou ki tap fe-m pa desann anba. Makak sale.

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Monel,you sound like a complete looser. I think you...



Are the law's students of economics sciences of GONAIVES right to choose dictator Jn-claude Duvalier like their...

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