Jean-Pierre Alexandria I'm back in your face!The last reply...

Monel - December 23 2011, 6:00 PM

Jean-Pierre Alexandria I'm back in your face!The last reply was about the text i poste :Is Jean-Claude Duvalier can be a model for youngs?

You know why?among 2% I got my chance to come back, because I always poste something for the Bloggers who can make debate, not for your, who doesn't have any capacity to create or poste something;you just use the blog to reply only to insult people.

I got the enswer for you about Jean Claude Duvalier, see you soon, I wish you ; A Merry Christmas.

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Monel,see! Typical dog, acting like human cross...



dear administrator of blog BELPOLITIK.COM,I'm sorry for this mistake i made on my last message posting on your...

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Monel,Merry Christmas to you too. I am glad you are...

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