Earl, The way things are going between the US and Mexico right...

Bernadette - December 21 2011, 11:54 PM

Earl, The way things are going between the US and Mexico right now; Don't you think you are rushing things a bit?

US might very well NEEDS those Haitians in the States during harvesting seasons to do the work most Americans will not touch...Regardless of high unemployment and scarcity of meaningful work.
US has to change the health care policies to suit the needs of the people instead...Using hospital emergency rooms because of faulty health care policies should be addressed by US.
The Haitians are not your enemies, pal. You have gotten it all twisted...

You would love to see another botched presidency so you can laugh at our expense, huh?

How sick are you?

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We have contacted Obama to speed up deportations of...


Get me registered as citizen of Haiti so I can run

I lived and worked in Haiti from 1982 through 1984 and was chief pilot for old Air Haiti and am interested to return...

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