Miss Bernadette, My intention was by no means disrespectful. I...

Brian Andrew - December 18 2011, 6:47 PM

Miss Bernadette, My intention was by no means disrespectful.

I like to think that I am a respectful man. People on this blog are crude anyway, why are you getting on my case for?

Lots of garbage are being said. I think interference every now and then is use to make people see how ridiculous they are. Some poor souls may take them seriously and that is rather unfair.

You guys may not like me. That is perfectly fine, I am not running for a popularity contest.

This blog is predestined to not liking me anyway because I am not Haitian.

My Jamaican, Dominican, Porto Rican, Brazilian bloggers love me and do appreciate my input there means the world to them. If you, Miss B., don't want me to thread in here, let me know and I will never come to this site again.

I love third world countries and I go Island hopping every chance I get.
Guess who is on the Committee against US to give back La Navase Island back to Haiti, in Washington D.C.?

I will not waste my time to be where I am not welcome.

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Brian, I have never interfered to this point with you...


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