I got you bro! you never go to Haiti or you might be not...

Monel - December 13 2011, 11:11 PM

I got you bro ! you never go to Haiti or you might be not haitian that's why you need to see the pictures of Aristide's school.you remember I told you, you see light, highway even drink purify water for the first time in your life.now it's time to go back in Haiti, not only go in your countryside"Nan fon bwa chen pa jwenn"but go make a visit at Tabarre you gonna see THE BIG ARISTIDE'S UNIVERSITY makak sispann radote ou pa konn anyen d'ayiti.Make sure you go at Delmas to "L'HOPITAL DE LA PAIX "one of the better hospital Haiti have now.Don't forget for your memory, before Aristide Haiti had 27 LYCEES In the Aristide short term we got more than 100 for all ten depertments plus 3 comunal's school in each comunal's section.


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Agent-x,i need to see pictures of Aristide's schools...


Duvalier caused agriculture disaster, insecurity & slums in Haiti

♦From 1959 to year 2011 Haitian agriculture deteriorated progressively because Duvalier

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Monel,It's look like you never been to a real school...

Mwen ta'p blye, Monel,malkadi; mwen se Ayityen ti...

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