Haitian Vitamin-News 08 December 2011 Part-A-

Agent-y - December 8 2011, 7:08 AM

☺☻ Gang warfare in Rue Saint Martin and Delmas 2, claims the life of police officer B .Joisile that was returning to his parent house.

The father of the police officer was wounded.

Police are canvassing the area for suspects.

Rebellion in Citee Soleil because the government did not keep his promises MUNISTAH and Haitian police responded.

Louis Farrakhan will go to Haiti from December 11th to December 15th, 2011. He will try to foster unity among the Haitian leaders to facilitate the reconstruction of Haiti.

Farrakhan has already installed in the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac a water plant treatment solar powered with a capacity of 210,000 gallons per week.☺☻

Sonia Pierre and the Dominican Press.

◙ .dominicantoday-com ▬ 07 December 2011►Human rights activist Sonia Pierre passes away(Update).

VILLA ALTAGRACIA, Dominican Republic.- Haitian-Dominican rights activist Sonia Pierre died Sunday after suffering strong chest pains, while in her farm around 30 miles north of the capital, Santo Domingo.

◙ dominicantoday-com ▬ 05 November 2009► Controversial activist says violence against Haitians must end. SANTO DOMINGO.- Dominican-Haitian Women

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