Bernadette, It's look like you forget in Haiti, you can works...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 5 2011, 12:30 PM

Bernadette, It's look like you forget in Haiti, you can works for months with out getting any pay checks in hands.

Those poor Haitian nurses and teachers works their backs off like slaves, cannot own a vehicule with their salaries, still walking or their transportations are tap-taps just like the factory workers;Please, i am very confuse with your middle class.

Small shop owners, small hotels owners are in difficulties themselves to survive
in Haiti just like the others.

Remember, no tourists in Haiti to keep the hotels running in operation.

Bernadette in Haiti is, either you are rich or poor;Survival is no way close to middle class.

In Haiti a job come with a strain attach to it, therefore not time to creates a middle class.

Jamaica, Barbados,Dominican Republic, Martinique,Guadeloupe, Trinidad&Tobago are more easy to identify their middle class.

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Jean Pierre, sorry to tell you that Haiti does have a...

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Like I said the percentage of the middle class is...

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