Haitian Vitamin-News 04 December 2011-Patriotic new

Agent-x - December 4 2011, 6:52 PM

This is an urgent appeal to all real Haitian across the globe to send your support to one of the greatest Haitian musician, Rodrigue Millien who is currently in a nursing home in Florida.

Although Michel Martelly claims that he went to Florida for surgery, Agent-X believe that he had a moral obligation as an artist himself to visit Rodrigue Millien while he was in Florida
The Haitian government must create a form of social security fund for the Haitian artists to prevent the ruthful fate of brilliant artists such as Lumane Casimir, Roldolf Legros, Webert Sicot, Gerard Dupervil, Nemours Jean Baptiste and host of talented Haitians artists that faded away in abject poverty.


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