Martely want to create 500.000 jobs in three years.this guy...

Monel - December 3 2011, 7:11 AM

Martely want to create 500.000 jobs in three years.this guy dream or not.what kind of job, for what kind of people.

we think that 500.000 cash for work are jobs, I don't think so. Martely I advise you don't listen to Bill Clinton this guy used to promess Haiti 500. 000miles of roads until now he still going to lie to Haitian people, this guy beginning Martely talking sh....! What marteely wanna hear like martely is a first Haitian president who care about this country because he want martely back up the "CIRH" renew.

Bill Clinton lier, bloffer,flip-floper Go home we tired with you, leave Haitian people alone.

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Hello Myrtho I am happy for your answer we need to...

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