Haitian Vitamin-News 01 December 2011-Part-A

Agent-y - December 1 2011, 7:13 AM

☺☻When people that are in the limelight have a bent for nepotism, fatism and favoritism with the public money, soon or later their names end up in the news for embezzlement.

So the best way to avoid such imputation is to be as transparent as possible and to say clear from nepotism, fatism and favoritism, ☺☻
♦A Parliament delegation from England and the Dominican Republic visited Haiti on November 30th 2011COPARE
♦Martelly is leaving today December 1st, 2011 to go to Caracas, Venezuela, South America to attend the Summit of the Community of Latin America and the Caribbean [ Celac ] Thirty-two countries have been invited to the meeting that will take place on December 2-3 in Caracas.

♦Haitian police vowed to crackdown on reckless motorists, predators and bandits during the month of December 2011.
♦On 30 November 2011 more or less around 11:30 A.M collision between a vehicle carrying water and a police vehicle generated substantial vibration that panicked scores of students in a school nearby in kenskoff.

The students erroneously equated the vibrations as an earthquake.

Widespread panic ensued which caused a stampede; 25 students were rushed to a nearby hospital; most of them were treated and released to the custody of their parents.

However three of them remain in serious condition in the hospital.

♦ Club Stanley degenerate practices, continues to be a cause of concern for Haitian parents in Port-au-Prince.

♦ On November 30th 2011, five hundred would be foreign investors in Haiti completed their mission in Port-Au-Prince Haiti
♦ Incident reports regarding the fire at the maternity Hospital in Carrefour continue to be vague at best
◙ caribbean360-com ▬ 1 December 2011►UN official calls for more long-term aid for Haiti.

NEW YORK, United States, Wednesday November 30, 2011 - A top United Nations official has appealed for more long-term assistance for Haiti, while at the same time rejecting criticism of slow aid distribution

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