The haitian parliament stend for food and money but not for...

Haiti Papou Piyiy - November 30 2011, 10:11 PM

the haitian parliament stend for food and money but not for real change in haiti now we all know the true what those guys really want for the haitian people they dont know about a beautiful tomorrow but they know about geting money to put in they own packet tout haitian konin president repiblik la vle yon bon ayiti demen pou tout haiti se sa nou vle men neg parliament sa yo avec papa pa vle ayiti change depi yo jwen yon ti lajen yo pa konin anyin anko nou vle change men pa charite paske se parliament yo bamn visyer nan get manman

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No! No! we dont need to kill them for their blood...

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I swear to God, if Haitian lawmakers were as dedicated to "Affaire LaMisere" as they are to "Affaire Belizaire" Haiti would be a better place.....

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