No! No! we dont need to kill them for their blood will for...

Rev Dr. Rivel Dumaine - November 28 2011, 10:41 PM

No! No! we dont need to kill them for their blood will for ever stained in our hands.

We need to educate, motivate,and implement the rule of law for all. A person like you have a lot of knowledge and experience, but in Haiti they are not looking for for good caliber people instead they will forfeit them for other countries.

We need not to be afraid to speak our mind with solid truth.

We can change Haiti for ever. Let just turn our eyes to Republic of Dominicana.

I respect everyone opinion, but yes we can change Haiti by putting and hiring the right people to do the job. We all know Haiti has a big problem with the truth, but we have to move forward.

One of the many things I have to declare with all my heart! President Martelly is sincere in His course to free Haiti with all the impossibilities that he faces, but His heart is for Haiti.

Dont say that He is perfect like in any country that does not exist, but he is making a difference with a reconciliation with all people to join hands to rebuild Haiti.


Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, THD, BSBA, ASPI

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