Haitian Politics: Affaire LaMisere Vs. Affaire Belizaire

I swear to God, if Haitian lawmakers were as dedicated to "Affaire LaMisere" as they are to "Affaire Belizaire" Haiti would be a better place... Bagay serye...

A Starving Child In Haiti

It is obvious...

Haitian lawmakers are very dedicated to what they think is important. Am I right or am I right?

Two thumbs up for their dedication. All we need now is a shift in focus and we are good to go.

I say this in a funny way but seriously...

When do you think Haitian lawmakers begin to focus on "Affaire LaMisere"???

Alo Senateurs... Alo Deputes... Pep la bezwen yon Commission d'Enquette sur Affaire La Misere wi... LOL...

What do you think?

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Eugene Connors There are easily tens and hundreds of millions of dollars available to help these people, but no willingness or caring from the leaders of this... see more
Reply · January 01 at 3:07 PM
Ronald Altieri This is one of those thought provoking topics that is so needed in our Haitian reality. Bravo! I applaud you wholeheartedly. Yes! I totally agree... see more
Reply · December 20 at 1:24 PM
Haiti Papou Piyiy the haitian parliament stend for food and money but not for real change in haiti now we all know the true what those guys really want for the... see more
Reply · November 30 at 10:11 PM
Jean Pierre Alexandre Rev,we have a serious problem in Haiti. Rev,we will drain all our energy to educate these animals. Beside,these animals don't understand... see more
Reply · November 29 at 9:30 AM
Doubletranchant depite ak senate sa yo se yon bann salop.Depi yo manje diri ak vyann chak jou, yap roule bel machin, yal pase vakans lot bo dlo le yo vle, tout... see more
Reply · November 29 at 12:16 AM
Rev Dr. Rivel Dumaine No! No! we dont need to kill them for their blood will for ever stained in our hands. We need to educate,motivate,and implement the rule of law for... see more
Reply · November 28 at 10:41 PM
Jean Pierre Alexandre Rev.Durmaine,God is wicked for not sinking this country with these animals for three days under the sea? Rev,or should we take this matter in our... see more
Reply · November 28 at 1:41 PM
Jean Pierre Alexandre Haitian politians are pieces of rotting meat loaded with worms and flies. Good for nothing,useless animals"Haitian politicians". Blinded by... see more
Reply · November 28 at 11:41 AM
Kenold Pierre Hi Legrand.If you are Killick "s best friend from College Omega, promo retho 77 Please reply to your classmate Kenold Pierre
Reply · November 28 at 12:39 AM
Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine My friend thank you for reporting this kind of misery of our brothers and sisters in Haiti to the whole world. It feels sad to see someone in this... see more
Reply · November 27 at 12:46 AM
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