Les treize commandements de la conviction Lavalas by a low IQ propagandist

Agent-x - November 24 2011, 5:28 AM

Propaganda and humor are best leave at the hands of very intelligent people because those people have the ability to comprehend the social realities, take a snapshot of facts grounded in reality then re-translate them through the distorted lenses to fit a particular objective such as humor, propaganda and so on and to help people digest the facts.

For example, if you are looking at yourself in in front of a carnival mirror, you will see a gross distortion of your body. Yet the overall picture will depict you because the mirror project your body mass.

The FACT is your body mass must be present in the front of the mirror in order for light rays to reflect it to the mirror.

So humor and propaganda must be based on reality and facts not on fabrication of facts that failed to reflect reality or are not grounded in reality.

Failure to follow this principle from Agent-X will lead you to crushing and stunning disaster.

A propagandist must make sure that his/her propaganda is based on verifiable facts.

Propaganda is not necessary to tell the truth or falsehood but to cast doubts on the opponent.

Failure to follow this principle from Agent-X will lead you to spectacular disaster.

Consequently, when propaganda attempt are completely divorced from facts then you have a disastrous result as exemplified in the

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