Agent-x, I want to have my name in stamps, streets,Boulevards...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - November 23 2011, 11:27 AM

Agent-x, I want to have my name in stamps, streets,Boulevards in my names too.
From today, i want to be like Arnel Belizaire:
I will start beating the S H I T out of my wife tonight to get that title of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE here in USA just like Arnel Belizaire.

I will start stealing cars from today, just to be like Arnel Belizaire.

I want to be bad like Arnel Belizaire in crimes just to be in history of Haiti like he will be.

I will start a weapons program intent to distribute to chimeres and zinglindo, ect.

I want to be a jailbird like Arnel Belizaire.

Don't forget to smile.



Haiti will have parks,streets, postalstamp,University named Arnel Belizaire

Reports of the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Arrest of Deputy Arnel Belizaire on November 22nd, 2011, shows...

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