Agent-x, Whom to blame? Us the idiots"Haitians"? Or, them? You...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - November 22 2011, 8:27 AM

Agent-x, Whom to blame?

Us the idiots"Haitians"?

Or, them?

You know very well my IQ is very low to understand;Can you explain your point?

I was thinking we are very lazy to prosper since the beginning of our independent because we always fighting like animals, always crushing ourselves to the invisible wall that we creates in our mind.

Like i said, you need to help me understand why they come pennyless in Haiti, in just few years they prosper enough to drop bread in floor to feed us like dogs.
We always eating that bread they drop in the floor with proud.

I am not sorry to say every Haitian i see educated or not, hiding inside of an Italian, French suits with ties or in rags, pepe cloth are dogs.
I say it loud and clear.

Haitians are dogs.
We are cross breed animals, wolves mixed with hyenas.

Please, be realistic.

We are shameless as a nation period.

Haitians like to beg.
Haitians are lazy, useless.

We will never change that bad behavior if our proudness is under our feet.



Respect must be a two way street in Haiti

☺☻Less than one percent of Haitian has the monopole of wealth, unbridled freedom, justice, civil rights...

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