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Agent-x - November 17 2011, 8:28 PM

The sparrow-wacko Martelly was rejected as a would be military officer in Haiti then in the USA because of impulse Control Disorders as a result of low serotonin levels in the brain but he never give up his dream to become like the Gestapo in chief or Francois Duvalier the butcher when he will grow up if ever. He probably watched too many Hitler movies or visited too much Madame Max Aldophe when he was an youngster.

Now as an accidental "vice" Vice president, Martelly is trying to use this opportunity to get the tittle of Commander-in chief and he was willing to accept even the title of Commander in Tails at default of the commander-in chief .This to show you how desperate he is.
However, the international community stated that his serotonin level is too low to entrust him with lethal weapons especially for someone with a Hitler-Duvalier bent.
Some high level career Diplomats and Psychiatrists recommend that a placebo effect will be needed as a face saving to his inflated ego and to curb him from the path of madness It was decided that a consolation prize will keep his ego in check and will prevent him from going mad. Thus, he will receive a consolation prize with the placebo title of Commander in chief of the slingshotiers, fistiballiers, or and manchetiers with an abundance of corresponding decorations.

By the way we just learn that five Palestinian from the West Bank, specialist in rock throwing are en route to Haiti at this moment to teach Martelly army how to throw rocks

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