Haitian Vitamin-News 16 November 2011-part-B-2 Boule malathion

Agent-y - November 16 2011, 8:57 PM

◙ Associated press,▬,Washington Post,▬,NECN, KSTP-com,-com, Study suggests homicides dropping in Haiti capital.

Haiti's capital has seen a significant drop in homicide rates in recent years despite a public perception that the poor Caribbean country is rife with crime and violence, two social scientists said Wednesday.

This news is the boule malathion number one for this week. It is all over the internet os of 11-16-2011.


◙ Los Angeles Times ▬ 17 November 2011►Haiti doesn't need an army. President Michel Martelly is expected to announce a plan to reconstitute the military.

But the last thing Haiti needs is a $25-million plan to rebuild a failed institution.


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