To the self-declared 'wordsmith' Agent-x. In your last...

Tetkale - November 9 2011, 8:05 AM

To the self-declared 'wordsmith' Agent-x.
In your last masterpiece you wrote: Someone on this blog...

to begin your first paragraph.

So, if i understand you correctly you do not know the gender of that person.

But you continued with: He needs to buy...

to begin your second paragraph, as if you know the gender of the person to be a male. Either you know the gender of the person or you do not, because you can not know and not know at the same time; unless your mind is confused with words of thoughts.

You went on to mention that Agent-X is a word smith and he is second to none on this blog. I say that we all can see that you have written a book on english literature, and that you have at least one doctorate degree in psychology.

If i may, how much of a 'word smith' are you?

I, for one, applaud you for your ability to initiate and pursue your rhetorical assertions with such warped tenacity.

But as a word smith, you should always keep in mind that words breath their reality better when they are supported by proper puntuations (i.e commas, semi-colons, perioud and etcetera).

Remember that for a word smith to structure an idea with words without standard punctuations is just like a swordsmith making a sword which will have the ability to cut nothing but the wind. You are truly second to none on this blog, and we all know it. We also know that none is equilvalent to no one. Agent-X you are not equivalent to no one; you are unique.

Agent-X, some of us feel sorry for you, because we can hear a half-witted mind crying for help on this screen.

Agent-X you are a sad soul drowning in your warped thoughts, while trying to hold to this waterscreen with your ill-rooted words.

Here my hand grab it and come back to the boat of reality, and i will make sure you get to shore with some degree of humility.

I am your conscience who stares back at you in the mirror of your conscience.

Go and travel deep within your psyche to find that mirror, and clean it with this message of sensibility; whereby, you will see me clear as though looking through fine french crystal.

Essentiellement, ce qui est d'une importance primordiale est substance et pas l'apparence.


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