Sydoine, It is certainly a pleasure to have share a vibe...

Ronald Altieri - November 5 2011, 5:07 PM

Sydoine, It is certainly a pleasure to have share a vibe across this screen with a patriot of your caliber.

In my travels, i have met my fellow Haitians entrenched in all different positions fighting the battles of life with professionalism and humour.

Permit me to say that it is moving and of another level to have crossed words with one such as you in the pursuit of excellence.

Topped off by the fact that you have had the motivation to zero in on giving your life some academic breath to help yourself, family and nation.

Briefly! I was in Haiti last April, and what i saw was not the devastation caused by the shakes of earthquake, but instead the lack of perception from the unshakable minds of those who are supposed to guide the nation's future generations.

As you very well know, there is no shame in a nation being economically heavilly challenged or deprived, if you will, but there should be shame in nation where the conscience of its leaders have lost the concept of dignity.

It appears to me that destiny has brought us a musician of conscience as president to play a symphony of self-relfection, which we all should hope will be heard in the conscience of those alluded to. Before going any further, please know that i belong to no political party or religion, i am simply a Haitian Creole-man who is proud as a peacock about Haiti - even with its multitude of mind-boggling problems.

Over and under those very serious problems, there are certain very heroic truths about Haiti in history that can not be denied.

Namely, we have helped to build and enrich the greatest powers this world has ever known: England, France, Spain, USA and to a minor extent even Germany.

And we have helped to free South America and the USA. We are the descendants of the many Haitians in New Orleans who have given jazz music to the world.

We are the little nation whose gold can be found in Fort Knox, USA, because 1915 thru 1934 was about the World Bank and the Haitian gold. I can go on and on, but let me just that we are not terrorits; we produce no weapons of mass destruction and we are not polluting the atmosphere with anything.

On the contrary, we are the victims of pollution, and cholera is proof of that. Haitian Power must come from having a sense of identity from knowing our story in world history.

Haitian power will not come from being the shadow of another nation, because we are unique in the history of the world.

We should know that it is not just a beautiful landscape that Haiti was called the pearl of the antilles.

Moving along! When my dear mother brought me the US - Haiti had just made it to the World Cup and the Haitian dollar was worth the same as an american dollar.

There should be enough in the aforementioned to satisfy those who are political fanatics.

The Haiti that i left prior to visiting last April had some very serious problems, but the Haiti i heard about prior to the earthquake and that i saw last April has proven to me that the Haitian mindset need an aggressive wake up call to shake it into reality.

This look in the mirror has brought me to this screen to try to play my microscopic part in helping with our spiritual revolution.

For, at the center of my beliefs, i believe that our armed revolution removed the chains from our hands, feet and necks, but that we now need a spiritual revolution to remove the invisible blindfold from our minds.

I declare that we this blindfold has rendered us mentally blind, and therefore we can see our way going anywhere.

The situation with forefather Dessalines should teach us that in weakness of division and/or betrayal there is only but weakness to be experienced in confusion leading what we all know so well. But if we must learn something from our nation's division, which led to Dessalines' death, it should be that DIVISION IS WEAKNESS IN ITS SELF-DESTRUCTIVE SENSE.

Now is the time for the nation must unite, as is being spearheaded by our President under his reconciliation approach, for the betterment of the nation's future.

I am a retired US Air Force veteran who has lived his adult life in the US, but my heart has never left Haiti.

I can still remember how those palm trees were waiving good bye on that day in 1974. I will go back to Haiti, hopefully, sooner than later, with only one purpose in mind and that is to coach soccer and hopefully let the youngsters know that first - the Haitian women are our greatest treasures and represent Haiti itself, and second - REALITY IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THOUGHTS ROOTED IN THE MIND. Let you and i be very careful of what we allow to enter our minds.

Smile, it is good for your soul.

With Love and Respect,
Ronald Altieri

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Ronaald, Thank you for your Frankness and honesty...

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