Sydoine, I read a couple of your messages, and although i...

Ronald Altieri - November 2 2011, 12:47 PM

Sydoine, I read a couple of your messages, and although i don't agree with a few of your ideas but with this one i believe we are on the same frequency.

Our last Military Force was there to help promote and protect the political powers and connected groups.

There is not a debate there; for, that is clear, cut and dry. But this new absolutely necessary Military Force should take an oath to protect the nation and its people, and not a political party and a group.

It is obvious to some of us who are old enough to remember the yesteryears of Haiti that we had some very serious issues, but compared to now people would buy those issues and return the present ones even if they were for free. But unfortunately for those who do not know Minustha is draining the economic lifeblood of Haiti, because it is our National Treasury paying for them to be there.

We pay in real and in debt, but we are paying.

I say that the most important social improvement that has come about since 1987 it the Freedom of the Press, and Rape being considered a Crime.

I declare that besides those two aspects of our social structure, we have not made another stride before January 12, 2010. Everyone knows that without order there is disorder, and Jean Claude and his entourage could have done wonderful for Haiti by moving away from his father's approach which was basically maintaining order and power to moving into a national agenda of economic parity and freedom of the press as well as human rights.

But you and i know the story - Jean Claude left and the other clowns went nuts. Jean Bertrand and his entourage could have also done wonderful for Haiti, especially with the France returning of funds to Haiti issue.

But this issue was not handled properly form a point of view of diplomacy, and neither taken to the United Nations or World Stage with proper legal weight behind it. With JCD, Haiti had an old drug that they could not get rid of, and it was called oppressing the people in a demagogy, and it frustrated and pressured the power into a rising power, to the detriment of fragmenting what could have a wonderful base for the birth of our version of democracy.

With JBA, Haiti had a new drug that they did not know how to use, and it was called freedom in democracy, and all the frustrated pressured powers rose and exploded to the detriment of thinking that Ensem Ensem meant that only some had rights.

I am no expert on any issue, but this is a place of healthy exchange of ideas, and so here i am.
With RGP, Haiti planted the root of freedom of speech, which has led you and i to be able to express ourselves freely.

In the Haitian socio-politico DNA, freedom of speech is such a new chromosome, for lack of better expression, that some are still so afraid of using their real names on this screen.

Simpy, because that is a new breath to us. You know exactly what i mean. Ooops! It was not my intention to deviate from our subject in focus, but getting back to the necessity of a Haitian Army one thing should bring it back into perspective.

You either keep things as they are with murders, rapes, holdups and kidnappings enough to make the Haitian born and raise concern about buying a ticket to visit his or her family in Haiti for Christmas.

How shameful! Or, we can reconcile and lock minds with each other and form our Army and Military Force.

I suggest that we initially replace the 12,000 Minustha units with 12,000 of our own, and ask the UN for their equipment - if they really want to help Haiti they should help train the Haitian Military Force and donate that equipment to our Force.

Quickly! 1 Minustha soldier leaves 1 Haitian soldier replaces him or her. If the UN will not help, then we can ask Japan, Israel, China, Cuba or whoever else to help. If the US can borrow billions and billions from the Chinese to US economy and people, surely we can ask for diplomatic relations to help our people and economy.

If it good enough for the US it should be good enough for us. I can go on and on, but suffice it should be to say that we must do something now in these 5 years of Martelly's Presidency to plant our version of Democracy to serve the future generations to come. Or, we can continue to blah, blah, blah....

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