Well President Martelly has nothing to hide. If He has...

Sydoine Jeannie - November 2 2011, 2:17 AM

Well President Martelly has nothing to hide. If He has violated the Haitian constitution and ran for president while holding the Citizenship of another country then he needs to the do the honourable thing by removing himself and call fresh elections in the country.

For that matter any one who holds dual nationality is not eligible for certain office in Haiti president or no president.

I would hate to know that we have a citizen of another country running Haiti.

He would merely be a representative of his second country and hence he would a puppet and dealer for His country where he holds citizenship for.

A true Haitian will always be a haitian No matter what but on a matter of principle key government officials must be true and honest as they pledge to uphold the constitution.

The Legislative branch of the government whose duty is to ensure the laws of the country are upheld must ensure that they carry out their duties without fear, favour, partiality, animosity and vindictiveness.

At the end of the investigation let the chip fall wherever it may and The congress must apply sanction or impeachment where necessary.

Rev. Sydoine Jeannite, MSc.Ed.; MCCC; B.A. (Hons) B.Th.
He is a Family Therapist, L.C.P.C., Guidance Counsellor,

Reverend Jeannite is the Founder & CEO for Haiti Mission Of Excellence
Pasteur Dument Assermente.

He is an aspirant haitian politician who sincerely hope to make a differnce in Haiti.

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