Hello Boniface Latortue, Please know that i very rarely...

Ronald Altieri - November 1 2011, 2:30 PM

Hello Boniface Latortue, Please know that i very rarely respond to a post on this screen, but yours deserve a wave.
Well! Not too long ago, some were calling President Martelly yun ti mizicien vagabon bet san moral, and not long after that he had proven to the world that he could play quite a symphony with an intellectual twist to our perceived idea of morality and of intellectuality.

That being true and said, i want to applaud you in seeing him at another notorious level.

You have our President compared to Napoleon, Hitler and Duvalier.

Wow! It is hard for me to believe that - in your mind - he has already made it to that notorious league in less than 6 months as a President, and not even 2 months with a government that is finding opposition to every conceivable positive ideas.

As you know Haiti has no sanitation, and malnutrition is moving through the population like you would not believe; Haiti has no electrical plants to really speak of; Haiti has no ambulatory system to talk about; Haiti has no Fire Department or Trucks to speak of; Haiti has no this or that to speak of that would validate as a viable state of the 21st century.

Rape was made a crime just a few years ago, while all the intellectual females were busy proving how well they can speak a foreign language.

We have acts of high treason against the state and constitution that goes on without any due legal recourse, because there is not a legal system.

As far as i know, Parliament has not passed a law that makes sense as far as impacting the lives of people in any socially vital way. Today, as you read this, it is predicted that between 1 to 2 million Haitians will have contracted cholera before we can see a gradual reverse.

We have serious social and political situations of immense proportions to address.

But some would suggest that our President is a fake Haitian with a American Passport, while others are reminded of Napoleon, Hitler and Duvalier when they think of Martelly.

Some in the US are also suggesting that President Obama is a fake American who is Muslim and this and that, while the US being militarily the most powerful country on earth and facing some serious issues for its future generations.

Getting back focus, Martelly has stated that the main issue with our nation is the desperate need to have our minds reconstructed, and not simply reconstruct the country.

I am paraphrasing.

But one thing for sure, after reading so many thoughts on this screen and elsewhere; after listening to our politicians and intellectuals of our nation, i am now more convinced than ever that he is absolutely correct in his truthful assertion that the Haitian mind need to be reconstructed.

And to you and i that may be a wow or philosophically original thought, but to have heard it in our political arena was certainly amazing.

But do you know what is truly shocking?

What is shocking is that it is this ti mizicien vagabon bet san moral sa'a kap aide fai moral sak sipoze moral yo; kap aide sak inteligen weh pi claire; kap aide sak guin rayisman nan coeur'yo pren sent reconciliatyon.

Yes! What is shocking is that it is this fake Haitian with an American passport who is opening the eyes of so many who were caught in mental obscurity.

It just goes for you and i to wonder and ask ourselves, whatever happened to those real Haitians without American passports; those who usually have their right hands over their hearts and singing La Dessalinienne a haute voix; those people who always bring prosperity to Haiti with rule or law and order without any disaster.

Well! On quite a different note as food for thought, know that that the dollar bills in the pocket of the Haitian Senators and in your pocket are not fake US citizens.

Moreover, a majority of condoms are made in China, but you do not hear anyone complaining about that in Haiti or anywhere else around the world.

The automobiles, shoes, suits and ties in the Parliament are driven and worn with pride.

The cholera that is devastating our population is a fake Haitian disease.

With respect and love!
Ayiti cheri pi bon peyi pase ou nanpwen

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