Sir! They Voted For You To Fight For Their Future

Ronald Altieri - November 1 2011, 9:47 AM

My Dear President,
There is a lot talk about this and that over the airwaves this week, and some in the Senate working for special interest individuals or groups have grouped themselves into a 'THE OPPOSITION GRAND CORPS' band. This band is playing some wild music right now in the carnival of our politics, epi tout moun shofe devan band'nan. The musicians are senators, who have not had a hit with the people since their career started, and they are John Joel Joseph, Joseph Lambert, Yvon Buissereth, Steven Benoit, Youri Latortue, Nenel Cassy, Evalliere Beauplan, Dieuseul Simon Deras and Moise Jean-Charles.

But all jokes aside, Sir!
On a more serious note, noone in their right minds thought that your vision for Haiti was not going to come across some desperate and dangerous opposition.

In actuality, the whole world can benefit from your ideas, I would even go as far as to say that modern democratic states can improve the social fabric of their systems with your agenda's initiatives for Haiti.

Moving along!
With all due respect, Sir, the people voted for you to help CHANGE a system that had the population stuck in filthy mud; that had their minds beind confused with lies and violence, and that had them eating misery and drinking depression.

And, because of such at every turn you will find some opposition, and that is clear.

Mainly and simply because some benefit from seeing our people live like rats acting like starving dogs fighting over po patat ak trip kochon.

We all know that opposition should be against ILLITERACY, UNEMPLOYMENT AND MISERY.

And since you are fighting against those very things, some will always be against you. It is true, Sir, that in the political game of life often comes a time when a person will question their approach to a fight, and is looking for a convenient compromise; a rational thing to do and say to avoid a clash of ideas.

It is at that exact time that such a person should remember their mission in life; their vocation to their people.

You people voted for you to help change a system that is taking them nowhere but deeper in the mud, and not just put change in their pockets.

In the best scenario, it would be great for Arnel to resign his position as a deputy, and you to apologize to the nation and not Parliament for not having this matter investigated and handled properly.

That's it!
Simply, because if this situation was handled properly Arnel should be in jail, and not out of jail. What kind of message are we sending to the youth of Haiti with this established criminal not being behind bars. There are a lot of people connected to criminal offenses against the nation who are very concerned about your initiative to have Haiti under the rule of Law and Order, and these people will be expected to be in concert with the grand corps of opposition.

You already know the kind of fight you are in and the dangers of it. My dear President, destiny has brought you to the Haitian youth at this time in our history to help us fight ILLETERACY, UNEMPLOYMENT AND MISERY, and to clean the Parliament who is the establishment responsible to help clean our society.

That Sir, is a good fight; fight it the best way you can for the future of Haiti.

May God Bless Haiti, you and your family.

Always In Christ,
Ronald Attieri

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