Michel Martelly is a con artist, fake Haitian with an American passport

Bernadette Mayard - October 31 2011, 6:11 PM

It is time to get rid of those would be assassins that want to restore the Duvalierism without Francois Duvalier and the macoutism under new management and new name of milice rose. The HAITIAN PEOPLE SAID NO TO REPRESSION, NO TO ESCADRON DE LA MORT. Martelly and his assassins must go now.

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Boniface Latortue says...

Michel Martelly reminds me of Napoleon who was not a French born citizen but an Italien, Like Adolph Hitler who was not a German born but an... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Dear Benardette,after reading your post i went strait to Cosco,just give me your info i will have Cosco deliver you 365 dozen of eggs,you can start... more »

Paule says...

BERNADETTE BY YOUR post is a con artist because he has an American passport,I feel sorry for you,on January 12,2010 they did not ask me for my... more »

Ronald Altieri says...

Hello Boniface Latortue, Please know that i very rarely respond to a post on this screen, but yours deserve a wave. Well! Not too long ago, some... more »

Bernadtte Levasseur-shiel says...

Most likely Michel Martelly has a second passport but so what? He is still the Haitian President who just sent thousands of Haitian kids to school... more »