Well well this government is serious there is no more time we...

Frantz - October 27 2011, 11:17 AM

Well well this government is serious there is no more time we need to react now I totally agree with the government decision about this resignations yeah but don't get me wrong cause we all want our country to change we had annorth in this case of Andresol guys remember what happened 2002 2004 2005 the police are weak we can't trust the police nationale of Haiti u know I mean it may not b Andresol falte but remember a lot of the police member even participated in kidnapping cases if u guys know what I am talking about and to b honest the police can't control the all country so we need the army back on place once again for good
We can't have a peaceful country without an army ok everybody so stand up for our own army in our own country simple
May God bless you Mr president martelly
I really appreciate you as stand up for Haiti after 25 years of corruption
Wyclef jean revolutionary put Haiti back on the map thank you cleff we love you all over Haiti

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