Haitian Vitamin-News 21 October 2011-Part-Ccc

Agent-y - October 21 2011, 10:14 PM

◙ Haiti ▬ 21 October ► Today Haitian Police arrested illegally judge Wilner Gelin and manhandling him during supposedly for failure to move his car after he was instructed to do so. The police who are involved in this incident might find themselves without a job soon.

◙ Dominican Republic deported to Haiti 580 Haitian men and three women

◙ The SunNews ▬ 21 October 2011►CARREFOUR, Haiti -- An orphanage where the director was accused by U.S. missionaries of not feeding children and selling donated goods was closed Friday in a rare crackdown by Haitian authorities.


◙ United Nations ▬ 21 October 2011► After a decline in weekly cholera incidents in August, the number of cases rose in September, with South and Nippes departments There are currently 37 cholera treatment centers in Haiti, 269 cholera treatment units and 766 oral rehydration ▬ Nearly 470,000 cholera cases reported in Haiti over the past year. Almost 470,000 cases of cholera, including 6,595 deaths, have been reported in Haiti since an epidemic of the disease erupted in the Caribbean country one year ago, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today.


◙ Bahamas ▬ Nassau Guardian 21 October 2011►Cholera scare at detention Center.

The infection caused a major crisis in Haiti over the past year. ...

After a dengue fever outbreak in the summer, the Bahamas Ministry of Health is now.


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