To be honest I am very pleased and happy to see that some big...

Ronald Trenard - October 14 2011, 10:13 AM

To be honest I am very pleased and happy to see that some big leaders go to see my Country.

but one question remains "what do they do?

what are they going to do?

what is taking them so long to do something?

We are still having our people living under rudimentary tents and still starving, Everyday day we recieve this delegation, that delegation and for what?

for God's sake, please, somebody answer me.Port-au Prince is still burried under dirt and it looks like the seisme has just happened since nothing has been done .You don't see anything that can give you an expectation so you can say "now we are breathing " all I hear and read is all'" pale france".President Marthelly, please show me something, we have big confidence in you and our expectations are very big.

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