Martelly and allegation of Haitiano-Dominicana family

Agent-x - October 4 2011, 6:24 PM

Agent-X does not have substantial information at this writing regarding the current Haitiano-Dominicana presidential paternity allegation.

One of our staff members is en route to Dominican Republic to investigate the case.
If the allegation is true, it would have some far reaching impact in the relationship between the two countries from Human Rights concern to politico-economic matters such as birth certificate citizenship, civil rights and education to cite a few.
If Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo is not a prank or diversion, he should be granted full Haitian citizenship.

Martelly should have the top intellectual in Haiti such as Aristide, Madame Manigat and host of other luminaries Haitians to give him an accelerated education to make up for his years of educational neglect.

The timing of this revelation might be a political diversion at a moment when Clinton-Martelly administration is experiencing a cascade of political setbacks.

Whether the Clinton-Martelly administration continues to navigates in treachous and murky water in Haiti or Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo parternity issue remains an enigma, it is more likely that Patric Alfredo Martelly Garo will turns out to be the son of Michel Martelly because he looks like a carbon copy of Michel Martelly the degenerate and to be in harmony with the Sweet Micky, he manages to live in a town named Los Cocos, de Enriquillo that keeps literally the spirit of Sweet Micky alive.

You cannot ask more than that from a dutiful son.

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Gerard says...

I feel you are right. the whole thing looks like a political kab baille Martelly ampil tan pandan lot moune ape perdi tan nan zin cho... more »