We already have the jackot Martelly in the cage of...

Agent-x - October 3 2011, 2:43 PM

We already have the jackot Martelly in the cage of international public opinion.

We feel sorry for the way the world public opinion is laughing about his cascade of mishaps.

I said mishap, to make him looks good since he is an Haitian but we know his difficulties are the end result of his ineptitude, arrogance and criminal tendencies as a macoute.

I am not well known my picture and presence in a cage will not attract much visitors and business.

I am congratulating you for your rare occasion of creative thinking.

You have a good idea on how to raise money.

May I suggest Martelly to have a picture taking with Obama, with the president of Agentina Cristina Fern

Response to:

Agent-x, We can put you and Aristide inside of a cage...


Martelly's scientist are developping super fistibal for the Military

The USA placed a weapons embargo on Haiti since several years. Now Martelly want to resuscitate the Haitian military...

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