warning: agent-x and dr. feel-bad is the same person

Jean-marie Desinor - October 3 2011, 9:58 AM

A friend of mine has brought my attention to this screen as a reseach study tool for an Graduate school essay.

And let me just say, bravo, because you read a lot on this screen looking for spicy and juicy stories, always looking for bon ti zinzin.

But there are intelligent and half-witted mental patients out there who talk to themselves through this screen, because they have bipolar or split personalities; they also suffer from schizophrenia to the point of paranoia.

These kind of individuals find the internet as a scape route and post their own contraversial topics to answer them radically and irrationally to soothe their ego for the day. It is like a drug to them, they become addicted in controversy within themselves.

Agent-x and Agent-y, Agent-xy, Agent-yx and Dr. Feef Bad is one of those personalities.

WARNING do not get involved in any e-conversations which are contrary to your own character.

You will be supplying an abstract drug to a schizo.

You are warned and now you are on your own.

Jean-Marie Desinor
Pshychology Major

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

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Agent-x says...

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Agent-x says...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

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