Jean Pierre Alexandre you must continue to keep your...

Agent-x - October 3 2011, 11:05 AM

Jean Pierre Alexandre you must continue to keep your appointments with Dr. Feel Bad and adheres to his regimen.

You cannot patronize the bars while you are on psychotropic medications.

Aristide cannot save your life if you try to mix alcohol with psychotropic medications.

Remember that Aristide is a Doctor in communications meaning he could lift tall mountains effortlessly like the Himalaya or the Everest.

You Duvalierists only thing you could do is to destroy hope, aspirations, monuments, people and country.

It is not without reasons that one of you either Cineas or Foucand said the Duvalierists will make a Himalaya of cadavers.

Any Haitian over 60 y/o remember this criminal speech.

By the way your name is listed world wide as a mental patient.

Go to Google and type: Jean Pierre Alexandre
Take the print out to any Social Services Office around the planet and you will be eligible for instant benefits.

Since your name is listed world wide you cannot receive benefit in more than one City, State or Country.

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