Akele Ibo where were your family in the 1600? Could not do...

Brian Andrew - October 1 2011, 2:56 PM

Akele Ibo where were your family in the 1600?

Could not do anything to stop the trade to the West, uuh?

Your name is as fake as your assumption that I work for the FBI
Do you truly believe money would have been spent to Harass you Haitians?

How pretentious! What ever for?

You people are doing a great job at harassing yourselves.

Now that Obama is giving Billions, the fight continues as to whom will get a good portion of it miraculously ended in their pockets.

Sure, got it, loud and clear.

Your people meant nothing to you. While you people are screaming F B I, Others will be very busy filling up their pockets and that of their kids and wives.

Your masses is just a human protecting shield for your people.They are there to be used and abused by you. Everybody gets it. I don't know whether or not you do...The world is watching atrocities done by you people against your own, then call my people to get you out when the blood start spilling the streets.

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