Brian, what's happen to those native Americans? So, the...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 30 2011, 6:37 AM

Brian, what's happen to those native Americans?

So, the natives were only men?

No children, women native Americans at that time?

Were are they now?

Like i said, you are an hypocrite animal.

Brian says:speaking of which I would like my Country to start a Program to send people like you back to Africa to where is your real motherland.

Don't worry transportation and food will be on us, as usual.

France would get their portion of the island back again which is rightfully theirs.

In the next five years, Haiti would be the pearl of the islands again and USA will not have to worry about scums like washing ashore our land. It is a win-win situation.

Jean Pierre Alexandre says: Brian, keep spilling your dirty guts out.
Your kinds are naturally devious, and the planet knows about your barbaric behaviors in the past.
Simple example.

Nowadays, if we accept the bible etheir in Africa or elsewhere"we recieve the bible with our left hand with both eyes open ready to grab an AK with the right hand."keep that in mind".

Next time go play your Mother Theresa somewhere else.
This is my last reply to you, and i will keep an eye on you in this blog.
One more thing, start searching for new ways, the old ways are known to the world.

This land is for the natives, maybe i should kick you out of it or place you under control in the reservation.

Ps: no one forgets.

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Okay would you like me to call you boy instead? No...

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