Brian Andrew, Do you speaks any other language beside...

Haitian Dignity Squad98 2 - September 29 2011, 5:25 PM

Brian Andrew, Do you speaks any other language beside Amrerican?

Do you make the difference between grammar, syntax,vocabulary and logic?

What are you doing on this site since it is pertaining to Haiti and Haitian problems?

If you are that gifted, bright and competent in languages, why don't you try to conduct your conversation in ayisyen, French or Spanish instead of trying to be arrogant by saying to Jean Pierre Alexandre "Sir, You need to speak proper English, I don't understand your Englo-dialect."

Do you realizes that the American version of English is also a form of English dialect?

Put some water on your wine and stop being arrogant like most stupid Americans because you are not too brilliant.

Show us that you are able to express yourself in another language.

I don't even think that you have a vocabulary of 20 words in any other languages beside English.

The current American ambassador in Haiti or the Haitian General Governor, Kenneth H. Merten speaks Ayisyen fluently.

A few months ago I heard him speaking on the radio, I that that was a regular Haitian until the radio announcer states that it was a speech made by the American Ambassador.

I was amazed.

So, why don't you try to be like him when you will grow up.

Do not dare to return to this site trying to belittling another Haitian because I will kick you where the sun does not usually shine except for people like you and sweet mickey.

Do you get my drift?


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Sir, You need to speak proper English, I don't...

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