Mr. Alexandre, In the name of Haitian solidarity, I will not...

Marjorie Middy - September 27 2011, 4:14 PM

Mr. Alexandre, In the name of Haitian solidarity, I will not call you dirty names.

But you must understand that the Duvaliers are mass murderers and tyrants.

Like all tyrants they deserve the same thing, a monkey trial (show trial) and the same punishments the monkeys get which we all know as what: Murder, death penalty.

It says a lot about your character, Mr. Alexandre.

You are defending mass murderers.

As you know, my father was a die hard Duvalierist, but that does not mean that I ascribe to the same school of thought.

As an individual, I am able to be objective about my country and its so-called leaders.

Yes, Mr. JC Duvalier should take a trip to Hague and I would suggest that you carry his suitcases for him.

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Se pa yon kestyon de kyes ki pi kriminel. Prev nan...

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