Friends, we need to ask ourselves what kind of leader Haiti...

Patricia - September 23 2011, 5:31 PM

Friends, we need to ask ourselves what kind of leader Haiti need at this time?Do we need someone who's going make irrational decision?

or a leader who have his head on his two shoulders that going to think and make the right decision for his nation.And one thing we have to keep in mind that we all are not going to be agree with him all the time. So like it or not he is the leader of the country;what he said is right minustah can not leave the country until we have our own Army clear and simple.What we need to do now is think how we are going to help him to reinstate our own Army as soon as possible because we need money to do it.Stop seen the impossible but we need to open our eyes and our minds to see all the possibilities.

Thank you! and may you all have a blessing weekend.

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