Agent-X does't not know Mr. Aristide. Aristide does't know...

Agent-x - September 19 2011, 2:49 PM

Agent-X does't not know Mr. Aristide.

Aristide does't know Agent-X.
Agent-X resonates with Aristide ideas and philosophy because his vision for Haiti is correct.

Agent-X is an ideologue not a materialistic man.
Agent-X despise, sycophants, flatters, Courtesans, professional parasites, mercenaries,"rest cuilleres" and individual or group of people that fell in this conceptual spectrum.

That is why Agent-X will never be connected to any rich person or to any government because Agent-X by nature is a free thinker and will never be subservient to any powerful individual or organization.

Agent-X cannot is not negotiable, cannot be rent or bought because he is an ideologue.

Material wealth throughout the known universe cannot buy Agent-X.
Aristide is a very poor man but a brilliant intellectual and a humanist.

Consequently, It would have been materially difficult for Aristide to hired Agent-X if money was a motivated by material wealth and vanity.

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Agent-y,Agent-x is only a foot patrol low rank agent...


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