Agent-Y has nothing tho do with with the graffiti in brackets...

Agent-x - September 19 2011, 1:38 PM

Agent-Y has nothing tho do with with the graffiti in brackets mentioned below.

The imposter below is the same usual suspect that has a long pathological history of fraude like the other tonton macoutes

Agent-X Arrives in NY accompagned by X-Professional Microbes
Agent-y Says...19 September 2011
Agent-X has just landed and the Secret Service who are in charge in charge of sophisticated bacteria control has just dispatched its special agents from the CDC (Control Disease Center) to quarantine the whole entourage.

As courtesy to complex x-facotr bacteria agent-x was offered a self-enclosed suit with an inner device which allows him to communicate verbally.The whole press corp was amazed that agent-x volunteered to be quarantined with his assembly this time around.

Agent-x has nver made such a bold move in the last four years, and a lot of people believe that it has to do with not being able to face the 28 able minds who are in President's Martelly's cirlce heading to the UN.One thing for certain, agant-x seem to be disturbed beyond the level we have gotten used and is calling President Martelly's cirlce parasites.This is nothing new, because not too long ago during a conversation on the phone with a friend of agent-x it was learned that he did mention that Obama is nothing but a rapper uncle tom being used by the parasites in the US congress.

He stated this, because agent-x secret organization was furious with Obama's call to South Africa to slow down the return of his mentor Aristide.For many people who do not know agent-x, let me tell you something, the agenda is to confuse and introduce warped thoughts to be denied later in the media in order to facilitate a return of Aristide in the political scene.This is a new kind of propaganda strategy using the internet.Many political parties are hiring folks like agent-x.Agent-x as a paid cyber terrorist is being paid by the lavalas and inite think tanks to infiltrate the political internet circle and inject Aristide as the solution to Haiti's problem.This is done with articles of careful scrutiny for maximize impact.

Remember that all flies know where to fly to, and you can see where this flying sophisticated microbe agent-x is flying to. I know agent-x, trust me.Agent-x, i told you i would expose you and keep an eye on you. You chose the wrong side;i know the money is good but, the agenda is wrong.

I am still in Haiti and you know how to find me. No hard feelings!Yours truly, Agent-Y.Reply to Msg 36990 posted9/19/11 6:52 AM]]

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19 September 2011 Agent-X has just landed and the...


9-18-11 Martelly will arrive in NY accompagned by 28 professional parasite

18 September 2011. It is announced that Michel Martelly is en route to New York accompanied by no less than twenty...

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