The political phenomenon is back with an enlighted groove. He...

Ronald Altieri - September 18 2011, 9:42 AM

The political phenomenon is back with an enlighted groove.

He is now forming his new political band to play his new symphony of dreams; of mental reconstruction and of a renewed sense of self for the psyche of a population who have been lost in despair, destruction and depression.

Not too many will pay attention to his new genre of music; for compatability is essential to catch the vibes, but dignified perseverance is always worth a pursuit with dignity.

Mankind have sight by their eyes, but there is the kind of man who has insight by his soul. God bless those who are able to see beyond what their eyes can see; for those have always been the dreamers who have taken this world and its peoples to a better place in history.

Mr. President, thank you for your dream for Haiti.

I hope that they will be listening to your new groove.

Mate kompa'a nan dingong yo!

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