Abraham di c'est assez! They must leave. We don't want those...

Damebochie - September 8 2011, 10:12 AM

Abraham di c'est assez! They must leave.

We don't want those pedophiles, rappers, cholera carriers in our country anymore.

I am glad the South Americans dignitaries are meeting about that. How about the Asian Minustah?

Especially the ones who brought us cholera; are they staying?

Ban Ki Moon is from Asia and Secretary of the UN, he made sure all those little Asian countries get a piece at the Haitian Peacekeeping-scheme-mission cake. Why is Ban Ki Moon not saying anything in the matter?

No he is over in Australia talking about climate while his so-called peacekeepers are raping our minors.

Also President Martelly needs to work fast to make an alternative force in place to help with the empty place those Touristah (Minustah) will left. We don't want Haiti to turn into a state in chaos when they left, so they can point the finger and say: "see how much they need us peace-raper-pedophile-keepers.

Martelly needs to do that and do it fast.

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