Mr. Garry Conille will be the next Prime Minister of Haiti...

Ronald Altieri - September 6 2011, 1:49 PM

Mr. Garry Conille will be the next Prime Minister of Haiti.

Simple! They had a chance to have Rouzier or Gousse, and they did not grab that chance.

But now Martelly had to reach a little further than he probably wanted to, and such the reality in the political arena.

Some are talking about the constitution saying this and that about this and that. Tell me which ones of those senators have followed anything that the constitution states.

These senators have been in Parliament, some of them if not most, by fraud, and now they are talking some article which stipulates that a Prime must be resident of Haiti of for 5 years.

If he not US citizen and has a Haitian Passport, he has thereby lived in Haiti all his life.
Some of these senators have invested stolen money in foreign lands, but they are still in the parliament.

Some of these senators are guilty of manipulating the constitution to the point where we do not know what an article is exacly saying on many important issues, not excluding singing on for an occupying force to do whatever they want howver they want in the country.

Some of these senators hold visas and bank accounts in other nations, and will fly out as quickly as possible if things get hot. But they will be the first to tell you that they have lived in the coutry for more than five years.

Some of these senators have committed more harm to the nation than any outsiders who have not visited nor resided in Haiti for more than 25 years.

Some of these have betrayed their ancestors, their dignity and whatever personality they have, but they will be quick to tell you about pride in regard to certain international elements within their midst.

They love the american dollar, their children are in studying in France, USA and DOminican Republic; their families are living well in the USA, France and Dominican Republic; they own property in the France, USA and Dominican Republic, but they will be the first to tell you that so and so is not Haitian enough because of this and that.
Bottom line, they did not want to deal with Michel's first choice nor his second choice, and now THEY MUST ACCEPT THE THIRD CHOICE.

But there is a yet another choice, and it is to go on with much of the same garbage, which has us stuck in the same obscurity, insecurity and misery.

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I can see it go either. The inite and lavalas...

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my friend you are rihgt. most of the senators do not...

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