Martelly Submits His Third Haiti Prime Minister Choice For Approval

Haiti President Michel Martelly submits his Prime Minister choice Number 3, Garry Conille, to the Haiti National Assembly for approval late yesterday evening.

Garry Conille

Martelly announced his choice at a meeting with 58 deputies, saying that Conille met all the requirements for the position, this according to Haiti Press Network.

The big doubt over this nomination is that Garry Conille has not lived in Haiti for five consecutive years and according to article 157-5 of the Haitian constitution, "To be appointed Prime Minister, a person must have resided in the country for five (5) consecutive years."

Cornille says...

"My permanent residence is in Haiti. Working abroad for the UN, of which Haiti is a member state, is as if working for Haiti"

Conille currently serves as Resident Coordinator and UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Niger.


What will the senators say?

Will Garry Conille be aproved or will be be rejected? Reply with your comments

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Kily says...

my friend you are rihgt.

most of the senators do not represent their constituents it is very unfortunate to see them behave in that fashion they don't care for the people who are sleeping under the tents their only concern is to perpetuate the crisis so they can make more money it is very sad as haitians we have no champions.

Garry is a political icon it will be difficult for them to manipulate.

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Keener Michel says...

Please let it be.Let the President Martelly continue his work, his ambitions to move the nations.

Haiti have to many problems on his own and cannot be stalled any more.Let's go forward.Let Haiti

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Ronald Altieri says...

Mr. Garry Conille will be the next Prime Minister of Haiti.

Simple! They had a chance to have Rouzier or Gousse, and they did not grab that chance.

But now Martelly had to reach a little further than he probably wanted to, and such the reality in the political arena.

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Gabby says...

I can see it go either.

The inite and lavalas senators are a whole bunch of morons with no wit capacity.

They might want to not ratify him to continue perpetuating their agenda, which to cripple president Martelly's administration.

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