Agent-x, i am not going to argue with you on this issue...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 3 2011, 6:12 AM

Agent-x, i am not going to argue with you on this issue because there is no point, no gain.
I thought you were an intelligent man, a good investigator.

I am very disappointed in you with your judgment " that's mean if i was in Haiti and you are in charge of a judicial system, you would put a lot innocent people in jail",specially me.
Agent-x, i am not a coward, sorry look somewhere else for that person.

I think it's your conspiracy, you set/up your own shows here in these blogs and you choose me as your victim,(your pitimi san gado'o).

Ounce more Agent-x!i am innocent of all your charges even in the past.

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You know you are guilty as hell, Jean Pierre, I have...


Haiti has a unique and curious political structure

Haiti has a defacto President[B.C]--> has real power A Vice President[M.M]--> Oversee administrative matters A defacto...

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I suspect that you are a Langlichatte reincarnated...

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